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There are a few images that spring to mind when thinking of the name - Erik Soria.
  1. scoundrel
  2. peeing in the pool
  3. pink swim caps

After an illegal horse steroid llc operation that was co-founded by Erik and Lance Armstrong was busted last May, nobody thought Erik could stoop any lower.... That is, until now...

During a swim workout on March 30th, 2016 - Eileeen and Grayham were training under the swim club - 'The E Team' - more commonly known on da street as - 'Erik sucks'.

Erik, hiding in the shadows, came out of no where on the 5th of 6 x 150 meters to ensure pace times were missed by all, except him. The second part of the set involved 6x100s and Erik now in the lead went first, only managing to do one of the six.

Snoop Dog was asked what he thought about the incident later that night - "it ain't no thing" is how he replied. However Snoop Dog does not give a shit about swimming. Why we asked his opinion is beyond me.

Erik then kicked a puppy as he exited the pool and chuckled, cementing himself as the most infamous speedo gangster to ever visit the national stadium...

**The names may of been changed for Eileeen & Grayham to protect the innocent

If you see this man you will know as the water will be a yellow tinge around him.

T-shirts coming soon!!!

April fools Erik stupid head!!!